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(Captains Cove Motel) Sells and Installs

LEER and CENTURY Truck toppers and lids/cargo covers ALONG WITH

ATC TRUCK COVERS And Unicover Aluminum toppers.

Here at the Captains Cove Motel we have access to a full line of accessories for Trucks,Vans and SUV's. Please contact Us with any requests.

We also sell and professionaly install Century, Leer and ATC Truck Covers and tonneau covers/truck lids/cargo covers. Please check the web sight links below for a full listing of products and options or give us a call to help you with your decision.

Century Lids for sale at Captains Cove Motel

Century Lids for sale at Captains Cove Motel

Why Choose Century? 

Century toppers for sale at Captains Cove Motel

Century toppers for sale at Captains Cove Motel

Century Truck Caps has provided quality truck caps and/or tonneau covers to the aftermarket industry since the late 1960’s (also under the names of Ram Aluminum, 20th Century Fiberglass, and Century Fiberglass). Since that time, our business motto has remained the same – “Provide the highest quality product to our customers in the least amount of time, with excellent customer service to back it up”. Just a few of the reasons we are #1:

  • Excellent customer service! Our 2008 theme was “Passion for Partnership” and it was based on being business partners with our customers, from our retailers down to their customers. We do not want to only be a supplier to our customers, we want to help them have a strong business and to grow with them. This can only be done by building a quality product on a consistent basis.
  • A nationwide dealer network that can provide you with parts and/or service on all Century product. Whether you are from the West Coast or the Southeast, we have retailers who can help you!
  • An excellent customer base! Our customer base (your retailer) provides better service and a larger product offering than anyone.
  • New models – we are consistently first to market when new trucks hit.
  • Full product offering –
  1. Lightweight aluminum for those of you that just need “something to cover my bed”.
  2. Heavy duty commercial units (fiberglass and aluminum) for those that need “a unit to work out of”, or a unit that “gives me easy access to your truck bed interior”.
  3. Fiberglass caps (cab-high to high-rise) that will fill any of your needs, whether you want a sleek, “SUV” look, or a unit that gives you extra head room.
  4. Fiberglass tonneau covers – one with style lines in the roof, one with a smooth roof.
  5. Options that serve all your needs. From aesthetical options like interior carpet to functional options like roof racks, we have it all!

Here at Century Truck Caps we are proud to be one of the premier manufacturers in our industry and welcome the opportunity to service you.

leer Lids fro sale at Captains Cove Motel

leer Lids fro sale at Captains Cove Motel

Leer Toppers for sale at Captains Cove Motel

Leer Toppers for sale at Captains Cove Motel

LEER truck caps, also called truck toppers and camper shells, are constructed of strong, resilient fiberglass or tough non-corrosive aluminum. Most are the same height as the truck cab; some models are somewhat taller. Most can accommodate a roof rack, adding to their cargo-carrying capacity. Fiberglass camper shells are painted using formulas that match those originally used by the truck manufacturer, and preferred by residential customers. Aluminum caps are preferred by contractors, service technicians, and others working in rugged environments.

Tonneau covers (tonnos, lids and cargo covers) retain the characteristic profile of pickup trucks, covering and securing the truck bed at the top of the cargo box. LEER tonneau covers are made of fiberglass and provide attractive, secure sorage, transportation and security, turning the truck bed into a huge lockable "trunk," enhancing the finished look of the vehicle, and improving gas mileage by reducing aerodynamic drag. 

LEER Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers LEER fiberglass truck caps (or camper shells) and tonneau covers provide pickup truck owners with the ideal way to secure and transport cargo. Custom-designed to fit virtually every pickup on the road today, LEER toppers can enhance the value and usefulness of every truck on the road

About ATC Truck Covers

Located in Ottawa, Kansas, ATC Truck Covers operates out of a 90,000 square feet facility under roof on a 20-acre campus in the Ottawa Industrial Park. With around 85 employees, we manufacture all truck covers and accessories in house and make it our duty to provide you with a top-of-the-line customer experience.

Why Buy ATC Truck Cover Products?

Here is why hundreds of thousands of truck owners have chosen ATC Truck Cover’s American made truck caps, truck lids, and truck bed systems.

No-hassle Policies

If you’re not happy with your truck cover or other products, we are committed to resolving your issues. We have excellent customer service and a fair and liberal warranty policy

Top Quality

Our durable, fiberglass components are stronger than other truck cap, truck lid or truck bed systems models made by others.

Great Value

Our American-made products are produced in an environmentally-friendly plant outside of Kansas City. Our plant opened in the Fall 2011 with the latest technologies. Our processes, new plant and great workforce enable us to produce quality products for less. You’ll see the value and savings reflected in every ATC Truck Cover product.

Easy to Install/Remove

We use materials and production processes that make your truck cap or lid lighter than others. Some of our products require no holes or no drilling. And although we’re light in weight, we are heavy on performance. The materials we use make our products stronger than the other guys. You get it all…convenience and durability.

No Rust

All of our tonneau truck lids and truck caps are made of no-rust materials…you’ll never see an ugly rust mark!

U.S. Made

All products are designed and made in our environmentally friendly plant just outside of Kansas City.


We’ve been building industry leading tonneau covers, truck caps, truck bed systems and truck cap accessories since 1994. We’re very active and committed to our industry. Meet our management team.

Great Dealers

Only the country’s finest truck accessory shops carry ATC Truck Covers products. You have a complete network of dealer support at your fingertips when traveling or relocating.



ATC Truck Covers Cab Hi Cap

ATC Truck Covers Cab Hi Cap

ATC Truck Covers Hi Rise Cap

ATC Truck Covers Hi Rise Cap

ATC Truck Covers Original Bed System

ATC Truck Covers Original Bed System

ATC Truck Covers Wrap Lid

ATC Truck Covers Wrap Lid

ATC Truck Covers Platinum Lid

ATC Truck Covers Platinum Lid

Unicover Fiberglass Toppers and Lids

Unicover Aluminum Toppers Are at

Captains Cove

Web sight for Unicover toppers is

Harry @ Kit Klotz


Captains Cove Motel/Hotel


13389 US Hwy. 18 at Cty. C

5 Miles south of 

Prairie du Chien, WI


LeerTruck Topers,

Leer Truck Caps, Century Truck Toppers, Century Truck Caps, ATC Truck Covers.

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