Motel Specials
   On this page you will find Motel Specials for rooms at Captains Cove Motel that we offer from time to time. Please check back often, as this page changes during the year or give us a call and see what might be coming 

Last minute special for 

    Saturday August 17th 2019

 $70.00 and that includes sales tax . Must be paid for at time of reservation and is non refundable.

We dont charge the additional Motel Tax on top of sales tax  that town charges.

Look at the reviews for the cheaper rooms in town and you decide.

Harry and Kit Klotz
 Owners of 
Captains Cove Motel
Please call
608-994-2860 to reserve

Price is for up to  2 people and has a  single queen bed that is non smoking and no pets.

You must tell us at the time of your reservation about this special.  


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