Customer Comments
   Please feel free to leave a comment about your experience with us. If you have any comments on what you would like us to do that is different please suggest them so that we can make everyones experience better.
Any comment about any of the things we do here, including the installations of LeerToppers and Lids, Century Toppers and Lids and Ranch Topper and Lids or any accessories that were installed at the Captain's Cove Truck accessories/ Motel are appreiciated.
If you have any pictures please send them to me at hklotz@tds.net and I will try to publish them.
Harry @ Kit Klotz
Captains Cove Motel/Hotel

13389 US Hwy. 18 at Cty C
5 Miles south of
Prairie du Chien, WI
 Leer Truck Topers,Leer Truck Caps, Century Truck Toppers, Century Truck Caps, ATC Truck Covers.
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