Welcome canoeists and kayakers! Our goal is that everyone who comes to the Captains Cove Motel/Hotel is to have an enjoyable experience
General Policies
   Please reserve in advance, We do book up on Weekends. Give us a call to reserve your date, time and trip.
  1. Please give us a call to reserve. If you need to cancel your reservations outside of 7 days you will be charged the following FEES: $10 per Canoe or Kayak. Any cancellations made inside of  7 days will be charged $25 per canoe or kayak. Same day cancellations or no shows will be charged full rental price. 
  2. If your trip has been canceled because of lightning, high winds or high water levels ; you will not be charged any fees . Refunds are not based on weather forecasts. Rain is not a reason to refund your trip. Once your trip has begun, there are no refunds or credits for your trip ending sooner than planned.
  3. Please look at the USGS information below for water information.
  4. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We are not responsible for accidents. 
  5. Each customer will be required to sign an insurance waiver at time of arrival for all services. An adult must sign for minors.
  6. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ON THE RIVER.  This is a  Wisconsin DNR regulation.
  7. Please do not litter. Take a garbage bag with you for your trash. 
  8. Please be prepapared with rain gear if rain is in the forecast.
  9. NO Fireworks are allowed on the river at any time.
  10. When making reservations please be sure to tell us if you need smaller jackets for small children.
  11. It is your responsibility to know if the river is going to rise overnight if camping due to rains up river and you need to make sure you are on high enough ground.
  12. Please remember that while you are on the river to have a great time.
USGS Readings 
This is  one of the ways you can determine what to expect when going on a day trip or a camping trip. Click this link for information about levels ,temperature and flow rates  Wisconsin River at Muscoda, WI.
River Level Information
River Gauge Location: State Hwy 80 Bridge at Muscoda
USGS Website: USGS Gauge @ Muscoda, WI

Always check the local weather forecast before paddling on the LWSR. Also, even if the local forecast calls for sunny conditions, talk to a local outfitter about possible river surges before embarking on an overnight trip! Although it may be sunny in the LWSR, any kind of heavy rainfall upriver can result in an unexpected rise in river levels. Although this set of conditions doesn't happen very often, it occasionally does, and is something to be aware of.

Suggested River Levels Below

4,000 cfs    Very shallow river way, many large sandbars. You may have to step out and push several times. Excellent conditions for sandbar camping!

4,000 cfs to 10,000 cfs   Normal summer conditions, many medium to large-sized sandbars. Shallow river way at low end of this range - occasionally, you may have to step out and push. Excellent conditions for sandbar camping!

10,000 cfs to 14,000 cfs     Above normal flow conditions, noticeable undercurrents developing, especially in lee of sandbars and islands. Sandbars are smaller and fewer in number at high end of this range. Usually acceptable conditions for sandbar camping.

14,000 cfs to 17,000 cfs    High flow conditions. Undercurrents above 4 mph develop, especially in lee of sandbars. Sandbars are few in number. Sandbar camping not recommended in this range.

17,000 cfs to 20,000 cfs     High flow conditions with deceptively powerful undercurrents developing. Overnight camping on sandbars and beaches not recommended! Can be a fun day trip however, many small channels open up in lower reaches of the LWSR - be careful of strainers in narrow confines.

Above 20,000 cfs     Paddling not recommended!


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