Welcome canoeists and kayakers! Our goal is that everyone who comes to the Captains Cove Motel/Hotel is to have an enjoyable experience
General Policies
   If canoe or kayak plans need to be canceled or numbers reduced or increased, please call us as soon as your plans change so that we might be able to rerent the canoes or kayaks we are holding for you.
  1. Reservations are taken with balance due on Visa, M/C, Discover, cash or check.
  2. Rain is not a reason to refund your trip. Once your trip has begun, there are no refunds or credits for your trip ending sooner than planned.
  3. Please look at the USGA information below for water information.
  4. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We are not responsible for accidents. 
  5. Each customer will be required to sign an insurance waiver at time of arrival for all services. An adult must sign for minors.
  6. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ON THE RIVER.  This is a  Wisconsin DNR regulation.
  7. Please do not litter. Take a garbage bag with you for your trash. 
  8. Please be prepapared with rain gear if rain is in the forecast.
  9. NO Fireworks are allowed on the river at any time.
  10. When making reservations please be sure to tell us if you need smaller jackets for small children.
  11. It is your responsibility to know if the river is going to rise overnight if camping due to rains up river and you need to make sure you are on high enough ground.
  12. Please remember that while you are on the river to have a great time.
USGS Readings 
This is  one of the ways you can determine what to expect when going on a day trip or a camping trip. Click this link for information about levels,temperature,flow  Wisconsin River at Muscoda, WI.
Flow rate Guidelines
A  USGS reading at Muscoda of 17,000  cf/s  and above  is only for the most experienced canoe or kayaker only (Dangerous Conditions), and there are no sand bars to camp on or stop at and pick up points and take out points start to go underwater.
At  USGS readings of 12,000 to 17,000 cf/s at Muscoda, canoeing and kayaking is allowed but the water level is high with a lot of current and not recommended for the first timer.  There a very few places to stop and less places to camp at so overnight trips are not recommended.
A USGS reading at Muscoda of 8,000 cf/s to 12,000 cf/s  makes finding places to camp along the river very hard because sand bars are very infrequent, which means take what you find because it might be a long time in between places to camp or have to share with other campers.
A USGS reading  of 8,000 cf/s or below there are abundant sandbars to chose from to stop at or camp on. This is the normal range during the summer months but does change with heavy rains.
Please check the information at this link  Wisconsin River at Muscoda, WI.  for current river levels. We will be on or around the river every day, so feel free to call us as well at 608-994-2860.
Please remember the above is just a guideline and will vary greatly from person to person depending on your skill  level.
Only you know what your ability,comfort level and skill level is. Our advise is to research your trip as much as possible and to only go when you are comfortable with your ability under any of those conditions. If you dont understand the data please give us a call to explain
Reservations canceled due to river conditions are refunded in full.
The flow rate (measured in cubic feet per second - cfs) is the most important indicator we use.  This is the amount of water being funneled downstream and is directly related to the amount of current you'll come up against while on the river.  Higher flow rates mean a much faster experience, shorter times to react to obstacles, and more dynamic river conditions (shifting sandbars, trees and other water hazards).
For beginners, flow rates of 15,000cfs on the Wisconsin River can be intimidating, and rates above 20,000 shouldn't be attempted as the current can approach speeds of 5-6mph.   If you know how to manage your canoe, high flow rates are pretty exciting and make the typically calm and docile river a little bit more adventurous.
 On the other side, flow rates below 8,000cfs will mean plenty of sandbars to choose from and a very gentle current in the range of 2-3mph.
  Anything below 5,000cfs means more sandbars than you'll know what to do with (but still more than enough water to make it down the river.
Water usually works its way through the system in 5/7 days.  The higher the water level, the faster it drains out.  If we're above 20,000cfs with a dry forecast, expect to be able to get back on the river in under a week.
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